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Ready for a unique experience?

How we are different

● Our tutors have over 10 years of experience and are experts in the SAT.
● We have taught the PSAT/SAT at Tufts and Georgetown and a mindfulness and meditation workshop at Harvard Law for rising seniors.
● We are all practiced mindfulness and meditation instructors and can drastically help your child with their test taking experience.
● We offer just as much as the usual luxurious tutoring agency but deliver it with half the cost!
● Our tutors love providing a positive and fun tutoring experience and are strategic in setting up a test prep plan for all of our students.
● We are a company that genuinely wants our students to excel and get accepted into their dream school!
● We are all on this Earth to help others succeed and are super focused on helping our students in any way we can to get them calm and confident for this very important exam.

Our Strategy

We promise to provide our 10+ years of expertise and superior tutoring skills to completely transform your student’s test taking experience and celebrate when they have reached their goals!

● We start with administering an SAT practice test to determine each student’s baseline score.
● We discuss goal setting to make sure we accomplish the SAT score range of their target colleges and universities.
● Next, each session will be customized for each student based on their needs and accommodations if that applies. The target areas will be determined using the SAT practice test they took in addition to vital conversations with the student.
● We will always review math, grammar, and reading foundational knowledge and vital strategies in order to achieve the highest score possible. There are several strategies that completely transform the lens that the student perceives the test and there are particular math questions on the exam that cannot be solved without a strategy!
● If test anxiety is a part of the student’s experience, some mindfulness and/or meditation lessons may be incorporated into our sessions if deemed helpful.

Our Pricing

1 to 1 tutoring per hour: $89/hour

1 To 1 Tutoring Package:
7 Hours For $490
Savings Of $133

Intensive Class:
1 week of intensive classes at 3 hours a day for 15 hours total - $975

Weekly Class: 6 weekly lessons for 18 hours total - $1,170


Thank you for your glowing reviews. You make us proud!

sat tutoring

"Liz was an awesome tutor. She was flexible and knew how to break down tough subjects. Her approach has continued to help me not only with my understanding of business and test prep but also in my career (5 years out of college). Furthermore, she knew how to bring out my confidence as I approached material that I was uncomfortable with. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and a big part of that was the takeaways from Liz! Thank you for all your help and I wholly recommend her to anyone looking to get that extra edge!"

- Nicholas P.
sat tutoring

“Liz is an academic coach/tutor for my 9th grade daughter. She is a perfect fit for my teen. She is always on time, energetic and always looking for new and innovative ways to make the material more exciting. Her enthusiasm and creativity is refreshing. She is extremely helpful in all academic areas. Liz is organized, a great communicator and dedicated to her work. My daughter has developed a strong rapport with Liz, I consider her to be an invaluable member of my daughter's academic team.”

- Bindu T.
sat tutoring

“Liz is very easy to work with and very dedicated to helping her students - we would recommend her without hesitation!”

- Robert B.
sat tutoring

"We love working with Liz. She took care of my kids and they both are enjoying prepping for the test. She is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful teacher."

- Tomoyo S.
sat tutoring

"I highly recommend Elisabeth as a tutor. She is currently tutoring my daughter for the SAT. Liz is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area. She is very patient with my daughter and my daughter actually looks forward to her weekly sessions. Overall, this has been a very positive experience."

- Pam L.
sat tutoring

"Liz is super! She is so kind, pleasant and has been so flexible with my daughter's hockey and school schedule. She is also very smart and has that special something in her ability to translate it in terms that my daughter understands. I highly recommend Liz as a math tutor and she'll be helping my daughter with PSATs as well and I'm sure that will go equally as well. Thanks so much Liz!"

- Lisa K.
sat tutoring

“Liz currently tutors my 13-year old daughter. She is not our daughter's first tutor but she is the BEST by far! Our daughter has made tremendous strides in her academic performance and passion for Math in addition to tutoring in PSAT prep. Liz is patient, professional and accommodating when needed. She really connects with our daughter & is able to bring out the best in her - she looks forward to her weekly lessons! We are now increasing the tutoring time per week because we are getting such great results! I would not hesitate to recommend Liz!”

- George B.
sat tutoring

“Liz has been an exemplary mentor in the Mentor 2.0 program through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay. In this capacity, she has not only served as an in-person and online mentor to her 9th grade mentee, but has also gone the extra mile and volunteered to provide weekly after-school tutoring sessions to her mentee. Liz is reliable, flexible, and eager to receive and learn from feedback. She has been a pleasure to work with and a great asset to our program!”

- Jaclyn R., Big Brother Big Sister.
sat tutoring

“Elisabeth is very friendly and professional. She's good with kids, makes writing and homework interesting. She comes up with individualized plans and helps follow through with school work. She's flexible and very reasonable. She also has worked on PSAT prep with my eldest daughter and she has been taking it very seriously, learning so much, and gaining so much confidence.”

- Lyanne L.

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